Friday, August 20, 2010

The Federal and Va governments want me to buy eggs from places where this can happen:

WTF!!! The FDA say they are getting stricter on policing the industry but what happens when the new policies still suck.

Why is it safer to buy eggs and chickens from places that keep the animal in atrocious conditions?

Stories like these make me understand the moral vegetarian point-of-view, even though I could never be one. I strongly believe that the animals we eat must be cared for and live in the best possible conditions. That means chickens should be required to have pasture grazing time and not kept in huge houses that become a breeding pool for animal disease.

If the government wants to stop the spread of these outbreaks they have to start thinking of the well being of the animal. An animal that is looked after well will be less likely to get sick, thus will not need to be injected with antibiotics, have time to develop its muscles and most importantly taste good.

No one really knows what chicken tastes like until they have had pasture grazed birds.

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