Thursday, August 5, 2010

Well today might be the greatest day in Brookville's history to date because we are getting our first whole pig.

Ive been working with Zach Miller over at Timbercreek Organic and this is our first pork endeavor together.

I have some many things that I want to do to this gorgeous beast that will pay as much respect to it as Zach did.

The first thing I have planned is making some fromage de tete and other pates and rillettes. Then its time to move on to the more recognized cuts. Finally, I plan on doing some sausage making because what good British boy doesn't have bangers on the menu.

Im so excited!

Its like Christmas day and im running down the stairs to open my presents and sitting there is Wilbur, dressed and ready to go. Haha.

Hope to see y'all over the next couple of weeks to help me enjoy the bounties that Albemarle has to offer.

Thanks Zack for all your hard work.

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