Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Recently I have found myself being inspired by things I ate as a kid, as well as, the things my girlfriend ate as a kid.

For example, last Saturday I made a killer Meat Loaf. My mom made this dish for my brother and me and we loved it. So when I was pondering what to do with the Hanger pieces that were to small to serve as a steak it has to be this staple of comfort.

This morning, I was sitting at my bar working on the menu and I thought to myself 'why cant I serve a representation of a green bean casserole?' So today on the menu we have:

Green Bean, Bacon and Onion "Casserole"

Finally to appease the wishes of my girlfriend we also have the Brookville version of Pimento Cheese on the menu today. However, here we call it Carmen Cheese because we are using beautiful, sweet Carmen Peppers that I got from The Local Food Hub yesterday.

Come on in and let me know what you think.

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