Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pickled Carrot, Carrot Puree, Confit Garlic and Arugula

Here is the first stage of the dish that I decided to make this morning when looking in my walk-in.

On the left are carrots that I am pickling in rice wine vin, sugar and spices.
On the right are carrots that I am simmering in white wine and cream; that I will later puree.


  1. Chef,

    I know that sometime suggestions are not well taken so I will ask first.
    I came to your place, I think four times, I like what you are doing.

    I did have this dish for lunch, liked it but could become even better.
    I ate a similar dish at Passard in Paris.

    Would you mind if I give you my thoughts about it?


    Jose De Brito

  2. sure suggest away.

    I was thinking that I need to add something crispy

  3. chef,
    i can't wait to try your place! i was gone this summer and i guess my mind was too, because i didn't hear about your gem of a place til today. i want to have my birthday dinner there this saturday! i should call to ask about reservations soon.. i admire what you're doing for this great city.

    hope to meet you in the near future,

  4. Sorry...was busy with parties.

    Anyway, as promised here are some suggestions. Thrash them, laugh or pick them..your kitchen!

    I liked the idea of getting nice carrots and putting them on the front row, usually cooks takes vegetables (in c-ville) for an afterthought.

    -For the puree (or sauce): my humble opinion is that cream take away from them. What about cooking them in carrot juice and then puree? (bright color, pure flavor!!).
    or make a stock with the washed peels and cook them in the stock.
    Then puree them and emulsify with a bit of butter (lighter than cream) and if acid is necessary, some lemon juice.

    -The pickles carrots: Your carrot were pickled nicely. But I remember having a great carrot salad at Arpege where the carrots were cooked in salt with some fennel seed until "al dente" and rub of their skin (old country french technique). the sweetest carrots!!.

    Now to make everything shine, with your arugula may be a bright persil oil, some fried persil too.

    Again I am letting my mind wondering.....Anyway, I liked it.

    Jose De Brito