Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Its Been Too Long

Sorry Friends, it has been entirely too long since we last spoke.

It has been a busy few weeks, thanks to Dinner on a Dime, which was a complete success.

First off we raised $350 for the blue ridge food bank. Thank you to those 350 individuals who stopped by to help us support such a worthy cause. We hope to see all y'all in the future.

Second, we went through 70 pound of pork belly last week, BRAVO CVILLE!!!! Many times over the week I listened as people said they were not familiar with pork belly, but ordered it anyway (and I think for the most part enjoyed it, I Hope). For this fact alone I must thank y'all because you trusted us to present you with something that was good, even though you may have never tried it. I promise that will always be the case.

Show me a little trust and I wont let you down.

Finally and most importantly, I have to thank my amazing staff for a week of really hard work. You guys did a kick ass job, keep it up.

On another note I wanted to pass along what we plan to be serving in the next few weeks. Since we have finally gotten past the hot days, I think, we will start cooking low and slow. Meaning that it is the beginning of braised meat season. So look forward to short ribs, pork butt, rabbit and many more interesting ingredients.

Hope everyone has had a fantastic past couple of weeks and we look forward to cooking for y'all.

Thanks again for all of those who stopped by last week.

With sincerest appreciation,
Harrison, Jennifer and the rest of the Brookville Team

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  1. please please please have bunny sometime in the last 3 weeks of november!