Thursday, November 11, 2010

a few more food pic

well I went to the Food Hub on Monday, as I usually do, and came across something Ive never used but was excited to buy, Green Guava.

So I charged myself with something to make with this herbal tasting fruit, which was actually grow withing 100 miles.

First dish that I created was:

Tart Apple, Radish, Green Guava, Baby Tatsoi and Yuzu Vin

Come on by and try this lite and refreshing salad that is sweet, bitter, sour and salty.


  1. You found a local source for yuzu?

  2. At Brookville we realistically strive to be between 90% local. The remaining 10%, usually consisting of spices, vinegars, oils, etc, I source from other small local businesses in Charlottesville. We have to do our part to help other local businesses.

    That being said I found the yuzu juice while walking through Foods of all Nations to get my Va Maple Syrup.