Sunday, December 19, 2010


So last week was a strange one for Brookville and more specifically me.

We had to close last Thursday because of the snow and yesterday I went to a family wedding, CONGRATULATIONS SAM AND HUNTER, so that only gave me 3 days in the kitchen last week.

Today, when I was walking on the DTM I felt a little off. I could not figure it out right away but then I realized that I did not get to fill my creative development quota for the week.

I realized then and there that in order to be complete, I NEED TO COOK!!!!!

I thought about the idea of the "celebrity chef" and how I CAN'T be one of them. I cant for the life of me imagine not getting to be on the line every day.

Don't get me wrong I DO want to become a great chef, but I am not willing to sacrifice the things that make me happy to do so. I want people to know Brookville because our food is awesome and our dining rooms are warm and inviting.

That being said, I am making the promise that I will be behind the line at Brookville and much as health and family matters will allow me be; if we are open Ill be there. Because at the end nothing brings me more pleasure than getting to cook for all the individuals who come up our stairs and to not get that gratifications leaves me empty.

Hope to get to cook for y'all soon.

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