Friday, December 3, 2010


Well it was bound to happen sooner or later, but we finally got our first bad review.

And you know what, I think that it is a good thing because in life you learn way more from your failures then you do from your successes.

For example, when I am creating a dish and it does not work it forces me to break down every component of every part of the dish. I look and see if the food that I am putting on the plate either (a) needs to be there or (b) needs to cooked in a different way. The outcome is more often then not better and much more satisfactory then a dish that worked the first time because you have more physical and emotional attachment.

So to this reviewer thank you for forcing me to break down what Brookville is and what it needs to be and I promise that I will work every day to make Brookville the best restaurant that I vision it to be.

Yes, some people will not agree with that vision and to y'all I say 'thank goodness we live in a city with so many good food options because there is something out there that suits you pallet'.

But if good honest home cooked food, using the best ingredients that I source from within our great region, cooked using techniques that respect those ingredients and presented in an atmosphere that makes you feel at home then come on down and let us cook for y'all. Nothing would bring me greater pleasure.

And if you do have a concern or comment, let me know because the day I stop learning and striving to get better is the day I should pack up and go.

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