Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taste of Va

Hi all,

Sorry its been so long but we have a new announcement that we are very proud of.

Starting next Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th, and continuing every Tuesday and Wednesday thereafter, we will be offering what we are calling our Taste of Va menu.

The menu will consist of a choice of app, entree and dessert for $30 (there will also be other specials that we cant mention). The components that make up the menu will come from within Virginia. For those of you who prefer a la carte options, we will offer a best of the our regular menu. Which will include our Burger, Ham Fritters, and more TBD.

Its a chance for us at Brookville to celebrate all the beauty of this great state and as always a dollar for every quest will be donated to one of the four charities we support. A list of these charities is available on our website

We hope to see y'all next week and cant wait to cook for ya.

Brookville Restaurant

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